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A Personal Message from Tom Avitabile...
You sit in the dark, you write to an audience of one, yourself. You make a million decisions with every page. 999,000 you’ve made before. Somehow, with the rest you hope to have found something new or at least different in the way, shape or form of your storytelling. Then you go back, you start to critically analyze that which you were so proud of only a short time ago. You massage, find other words, rearrange, and construct builds in pacing and beats. Then reread, tweak a little more. You do that at least 800 times in a four hundred-page manuscript. You go to sleep at night, knowing…hoping…thinking…praying…not sure, but pretty sure of the 130,000 specific words you chose to tell your story, that the vast majority of them are good.

Then beta readers, editors and publisher take a swing at your literary piñata. You cringe with each red-penned blow. But somehow you survive the vivisection. You adjust your mind set from “My Art” to “Our Product.” You fight then relent on the cover art, font and color palette because it’s so close right now, you just want to get it out there… and then it dawns on you - you need champions. You need folks who will tout your work. You need dedicated individuals who will amplify your efforts to have your words meet the eyeballs of those who might find joy, solace, adventure, love and comfort in your book.

Then it hits you… er, me. What I need is you! You, a member of my Story Army. You, my champion to herald the work, announce the good, project the confidence that reader x out there will not go wrong reading my book. I need you on the team.

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